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Map Survive Brode for Minecraft 1.8.X

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About Map Survive Brode

Already the number of videos we watched about Chernobyl. And how many games created with this story, a lot, isn't it? Statistics show that people like to play the games that are associated with this city. Again, these stories make every person think about the situation that has taken so many people's lives, to feel yourself in the place of them, though in virtual space. As you know, many of the locations are also transferred to the game of Minecraft because you can build almost anything you want. The main thing to be able to build, to analyze, to understand a little the architecture.


Today we will tell you what a Chernobyl map for minecraft, and what are its features compared to other saves. Well, let's get started. As soon as you enter the single player of this card immediately captures the spirit of what he saw. The whole environment resembles the real picture of Chernobyl. In this regard, we can conclude that the developer of this location very much tried. As a rule, many people have tried to recreate this image, but it turned out only at units. Not everyone shares a similar experience. As they say, someone else's labor is the labor of others. 



I must say that almost all buildings are under a huge dome. It is really huge. Apparently was made by using admin commands. Fortunately, the plugin World Edit allows you to arrange such a thing. In real life there is no dome, but in the game Minecraft that gives a special twist. Throughout the area are several trees, built a large number of different buildings, each of which was copied from real objects. This and some rides, tall buildings, stores, equipment and other things. Nearby is a small lake where you can observe standing alone ships, boats. Everywhere so quiet, a little scary.


On the last screenshot can see the whole structure the look of the map Chernobyl 2015 for minecraft. Take a closer look. In the upper part of the location is seen plant, two nuclear reactors, which already are not working as worked earlier. Equipment scattered everywhere, naked houses, playgrounds. In General, I want to say that this card is one of those that deserves attention from the users. If you want to move it to your server, then use the program. To find them our website in the relevant section. If you have such cards, send us the official postal address. Thank you for your attention.

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