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Map of the warship for Minecraft map

foto Map of the warship

About Map of the warship

Map for minecraft called modern warships which 100% will appeal to all fans of the subjects and ships of the Navy, the card worked very efficiently and realistic, was based on a real military vessels that are in service in some countries. Details of the project are very high and the accuracy is striking in its quality, the author of this maps for minecraft also a fan of this theme and he tried to do everything adequately predelay attention to all trifles and details. There are several classes of ships, namely, Destroyers, aircraft Carriers, Submarines. Which have their characteristic differences, for experts in this topic, everything is simple and clear but who does not really know and want to try this map and it will be interesting to learn something new will do a quick overview.




Warships, very manevrenen and have powerful weapons against all types of vehicles.


►USS Arleigh Burke ddg,-51 
►USS Preble DDG-88 
►USS CG-62 Chancellorsville




Подводные лотки, название говорит само за себя предназначены для работы под водой способны работать как по надводной технике так и по подводной.


  •  USS Alabama SSBN-731 
  •  USS Virginia SSN-774 
  •  USS Dallas SSN-700 



Авианосцы, основная задача которых перевозить самолеты и вертолеты, также применения их для выполнения боевых задач в любой точке мира.


  • USS Nimitz CVN-68 
  • USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76 



Все что видите на фото это точные копии вышеперечисленых морських суден собраны в одной карте для майнкрафт,очень интересная и познавательная карта к игре.



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