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Mod Camouflaged Creepers for Minecraft 1.7.10 1.8.8 1.8.9

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About Mod Camouflaged Creepers

Mod which will change the creeper in minecraft, yet it is called a Chameleon it changes color and texture (the skin) of the demolition , depending on what unit is he who increases substantially masking the complexity of the game. After all, notice the simple creeper sometimes difficult, and if they are able to disguise the difficulty of the game increases several times which makes the game more interesting. Of course a lot of them have a lot of trouble when the innocent leads to the extraction of resources and it explodes behind you killing you. Now They are able to disguise themselves and to ignore them will be more difficult, plus just interesting for a change to have more than 40 different species of creeper that makes zombies more unique flora. For a better understanding of all modification how it works recommend that you watch the video review . Pretty interesting mod which refines the appearance creepera great variety for the game.
bring the challenge factor back into the game creeper.


If you think that to cope with such a mob like creeper world Minecraft quite easily, Camouflaged Creeper mod will change your idea about this creature! When you install the mod, replace that the creeper will change their behavior.Now every creeper will be able to change its color depending on the area where it will be, like a chameleon. These creatures served as inspiration for the creators of fashion Camouflaged Creeper.



If you think that the creeper in Minecraft not enough strong opponent, then install mod Creeper Camouflaged through which they can be masked. After installing this modification, all the creeper will have the ability to camouflage like a chameleon. In other words, if the creeper will be on the Sandstone, its texture will change and it is almost completely merge with him. Now creeper to detect will be much more difficult, as they will merge with other game textures



Video Review Mod Camouflaged Creepers

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