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Mod BetterStorage for Minecraft 1.7.10

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About Mod BetterStorage

BetterStorage mod for Minecraft a great Supplement for people in which many things and little space in the house. Modification specializiruetsya on the creation of the creation of new trunks and comfort in your home. New chests for Minecraft, various types and styles and appearance. With the mod we have the opportunity to craft a new crafting table with lots of functionality that we can create backpacks to transport a large number of things (it is clear and it looks nice on the back of the character) . Also, except for the chests and bags we can create the locks on the beast and the keys to them, now in your house will not be able to penetrate strangers without a key. Enchanted soudki, bags, rings, and hat all in a single mod for minecraft called BetterStorage.



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