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Mod Colourful Blocksv for Minecraft 1.7.10

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About Mod Colourful Blocksv

It often happens that I want to build a house or other structure but the Mod Colourful Blocksv in minecraft does not allow us to implement our plans into reality, the author of fashion colored blocks to minecraft pondered this problem and found a simple solution. created a special editor in the form of modification which gives us a special brush which has the ability to paint any block( even with other modifications) to any color that will allow you to create very beautiful and stylish home. We can now draw a house and rooms in various styles at the same time even to use the same material but he will have a different color and give new colors.





We can repaint not only building blocks but also pictures, tables, doors and other items Colourful Blocks very simple and ingenious mod which will allow you to do much cooler and more interesting buildings in minecraft.With the mod we will be available:



​►New brushes.(which have their own working life)
►Paint, fillers and buckets.
►The possibility of obtaining a random color.
►You can cancel the color block, if you do not like it.



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