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Mod Iron Backpacks for Minecraft 1.7.10 1.8.8

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About Mod Iron Backpacks

Iron Backpacks mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 1.8 is modification to the game which is to solve the problems of capacity items in the pockets of your character. Mod adds to the game 4 new species of the portfolios in which you can get a lot of things. The problem of lack of slots in the mines now will not be so critical after all, we just need to craft the backpack and the quantity and number of slots to increase several times. In fashion there are 4 types of bags with leather,iron,gold and diamond capacity which also grows in the same order.To download it you can not worry about the missing slots just crafted a bag and collect even more valuable items, very simple but necessary and useful mod for Minecraft.



Download Links for Mod Iron Backpacks

Download for Minecraft 1.7.10


Download for Minecraft 1.8.8

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