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Mod Little People for Minecraft 1.9 1.8

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About Mod Little People

Now, a large number of various obstacles players to achieve superior performance. This time update touched mobs, there personality, they have become a miniature of the origin, and each of them really interacts with various objects. Now you can enjoy the game, because many of the changes that will please many people. Now, the unusual update forced players to think, what all will be in the real world. There are many excellent solutions which will be closely players.



Fun Mini People modification for Minecraft 1.9 will make Your game much brighter and cooler. First- it is a storehouse of variety of Deluxe skins, and secondly the new characters that will create a cosy atmosphere of the game. Now everything will be different, because the time spent on equipping your own home will be more diverse. Mini-people and mini buildings will seem very primitive, although the tasks do not differ from standard buildings. Try all on your own experience, that simply must enjoy and take root in Your Minecraft.



Mod called Mini People Mod reduces the size of the player and mobs, trolleys, boats, chests, andersonyou, banners, and wings. Also umenshaet items in the player's hand. However, there is a glitch — armor on the player is not displayed. Despite the fact that the player size is about 1.5 block, he can jump to a height of 1 unit


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