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Mod Ore Spawn for Minecraft 1.7.10

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About Mod Ore Spawn

You all know that in Minecraft is a dragon and it occurs very rarely. Author OreSpawn Mod for Minecraft decided to correct this oversight and have added to the game a huge number of different reptile-monsters. Among them are dragons, lizards, large snakes, spiders and other kaiju (Japanese monsters). Some of them will carry the world to shreds, others, however, will even allow them to ride and fly.

Ore Spawn is a huge popular and very epic mod for minecraft! This mod was created for a very long time and is suitable for different versions of minecraft'a. Ore Spawn mod adds a lot to the game ore, titanium, uranium, new swords, armor, onion, popcorn, magic apples, strawberry plants, a new fire and fish. I would say that this mod is just a miner's dream mod has awesome sound effects. And most importantly that the Ore Spawn mod adds a huge and epic mobs in the game world of minecraft. With this mod your game is really to diversify and will definitely be much better. You will find about a hundred new recipes. Awesome mobs and bosses will wait for the battle with you. Look at videos and screenshots of what will add the mod and that it appear!


Ore Spawn is a global mod that will completely change the world of Minecraft. Now you have to survive in a world of dinosaurs and ancient reptiles, but if you can survive in this battle? The mod adds over a dozen new mobs, more than twenty new items and blocks - will be fun to play! Mod Ore Spawn" will take you back in time millions of years ago, when lived on our Earth - the dinosaurs. When you install mod you will be able to meet the most different, dreadful and terrible creatures, get a new ore, which has as much as 48 pieces, crafted 87 new items, and most importantly to find a girl - assistant, which will travel with you.

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