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To your attention mod Similsax Transtructors for Miencraft which will help you in difficult times and can help out in almost any difficult situation when you are at altitude and need to move to the other side or go down to the bottom. Mod adds a special hook, the harpoon, after which crafting can be used to build bridges, towers and steps to the bottom. Often it happens that a build block on the cliff is very difficult , you need to be almost on the edge and try to place the block on the right side of another block but it is very risky and can fall off or into lava or off a cliff. The author of the modification for minecraft found a solution to this problem now we need to come to the block which is the last before the break and bring him to our new device (harpoon) depending on what part of the unit you will induce you get ⇒ or x the arrow indicates which way to build the blocks, you choose the direction in the desired direction and click on the bear (the blocks are automatically built) in the direction of the pointer .While we don't need to get any closer we stand to the original point, and the bridge is built further. You can make entire cities in the air with roads and posts without flight mode it will be very easy and cool! 






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Download for Minecraft 1.7.10


Download for Minecraft 1.8


Download for Minecraft 1.8.8

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