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Mod Star Wars Droids for Minecraft 1.8 1.8.9

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About Mod Star Wars Droids

To Your attention a mod called Star Wars Droids which 100% will appeal to all fans of games Star wars. The modification adds in game 3 of the most popular and best-loved Droid (Robot) who accompany the main characters throughout all seven parts of the film and faithfully served and fulfilled their tasks. Robots can easily crafted, you can give them a name, but most importantly they have their own functions and abilities. Not only decorative and beautiful appearance. You can paint robots in the color that you like and make them more unique and beautiful.



Mod Star Wars Droids for Minecraft 1.8.9 adds to the game a few droids from the movie Star wars. Droids will meet your Pets, so they are always ready to help you. At the moment the droid can perform the following functions:

The construction of the house;
The acceleration of the movement speed;
The ability to ride the droid that will allow you to fly.


The types of Droids :

►R2 Unit

3PO Protocol

Viper Probe Droid




2 can do super jumps with the help of which you can climb to the highest rocks. 



3PO Protocol that will help you move around the map with great speed correlated with the speed of light, that would not be out in the dangerous world of Minecraft.


Viper Probe Droid will allow you to use it as a transport and riding on it without difficulty to get to any location with comfort.




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Download Links for Mod Star Wars Droids

Download for Minecraft 1.8


Download for Minecraft 1.8.9

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