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Mod Totem Defender for Minecraft 1.7.10

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About Mod Totem Defender

Totem Defender is an interesting mod for minecraft 1.7.10 which was expected by many, I'm not sure that this implementation in the form of totems, the original but with the same result. We all wanted the game there are defensive structures (turrets, something cool or military) which could b called our house to protect from uninvited guests in the form of mobs,zombies or other players, and here the author has created a mod Protective Totems which are 4 protective totems which have basic attributes: Attack speed, damage, radius, and level depending on the level you can upgrade any of these skills and to improve the characteristics of your defensive buildings in the game. 



All 4 totems, depending on the level have their own appearance, and will be a great protection from external enemies or those who just decided to eat your resources, visual totem is not suspicious, and ignorant of the player just as a beautiful decorative building, but coming closer can for a few seconds to die from a shot these defenses. But do not forget to charge their patrons for effective defence.



How to craft a totem in Minecraft :



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