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About Minecraft 1.8.9

To your attention the most fresh and new Minecraft version 1.8.9 which exists at the moment, of course, some global changes in the game the average user is not felt because most of what touched this update is minecraft realms who do not know this is one of the sections of the menu which is available to licensed users of the game. With this menu for 10 euros you can buy your game server which can be controlled directly from your customer, there are added small improvements to the functionality and design and if you want to download pirate the client minecraft 1.8.9 you won't see anything new, because even the developers themselves have not posted a list of changes in this update. Perhaps there was a small bago-fix and work and buying servers. But if you play on the most advanced servers which are instantly updated to the latest version then you 100% need version 1.8.9 . Also on it was a new and fun fashion which you can download below.

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