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About Minecraft 1.9

Download the new version of Minecraft 1.9 1.9 1.9.2 1.9.3 1.9.4 which was removed many bugs and added new tricks and features that mi now and look at what awaits us: new blocks, items, battle with the Ender dragon, changes to mechanics, etc. And the first thing we will see going into the game is the cell with the shield icon which is the slot for our second hand which can put any objects and use them, but unfortunately you can use not all items. We can take the second arm blocks the second sword(cannot be used), shield, in which attack is prohibited, and the torch that Buda is convenient for Hiking in mine and many other that will really help us in the game and make it more real and comfortable to play. Activation of the object in the other hand the RMB( right mouse button) .

Added new types of arrows – spectral and arrows with the effects of potions , arrows which you keep second hand get priority and will be used first. Spectral arrows have the function of illumination fashion or player, if you hit him with an arrow he will be illuminated through the blocks and objects.



In the version 1.9 minecraft also added a new type of potion which will operate for some time on areas where you left it for a while, everyone who comes to this area will be exposed to this potion. Added a new plant beets. Appeared the head of a dragon which can be activated with the help of Redstone and the mouth will open, you can also wear it at home or put as a decoration. Added boat with oars of different types of wood they are now 2 local and well managed.



Significantly improved port in the Ender world and all that it involves, now grates which heals the dragon will be harder to destroy, added zombies that can only appear in this world and some plants that will not be easy to find. It's not all that awaits us in the Minecraft 1.9 update but this is one of the main attractions of this version which you can download on our website.



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