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How to unlock the secret level of Minecraft Dungeons for Minecraft

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About How to unlock the secret level of Minecraft Dungeons

Since the recent release of Minecraft Dungeons , many players have gone through all the available levels. However, did you know that there is a secret level? If you don't want to be spoiled, we advise you to stop reading here.


Good ! I consider you want to know how to unlock the secret level ! The developers of Mojang Studios were inspired by the famous secret level of Diablo II with cows and created a level that includes champimeuh. The level is quite simple and you will have to fight many champimeuh as well as a boss by the name of Mooshroom Monstrosity.


How to get the runes for the hidden level?


To get access to the secret level, you will have to explore all the areas you have already traveled in order to unlock the runes. In total, there are 9 runes to recover that are hidden behind secret doors that you can open with a lever or a switch.

Here is the location of the 9 runes:


Wood of creepers:



When you arrive in the area where you have to free villagers, go to the bottom left to find a platform. You will find a switch hidden in the cobblestones. Just press it to open access to the rune.



When you have faced the boss at the end of the level, head to the stone column on the right just before the exit. A button will be present surrounded by mushrooms. Press on it to access the location of the rune.



Cactus Canyon



When you reach the area where the blue key is located, a button is hidden in the foliage near the palm tree. Press it to open access to the rune.


Pumpkin patch:



Towards the middle of the level, there will be a rampart which you can access. At the top right, you will find the button that will activate the passage to the rune.  When you get the golden key, you can find a coin on the left with two palm trees facing each other. The switch is hidden behind the tree on the left. Towards the beginning of the level, you will come across a dead redstone golem on the ground. You can find the switch to the left of it on the wall. When you arrive at the outdoor market where there are many enemies, go to the right of the map and on a wall, a switch will be present. Towards half the map, you will enter a building. After defeating all the enemies, go east and find the library. Interact with the shelf which is between the two tables which will open access to the last rune.


Access the hidden level:


Now that you have successfully obtained the 9 runes, you need to find the hidden level. This is located at the church which is in your campsite to the south.



Enter the church and go to the end of it and press the button. The passage to the secret level will open: You can now enjoy a new level which is also very interesting to farm your objects! Good game everyone !



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