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Map 10 second Rush for Minecraft 1.10 1.9.4

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10 second Rush is a parkour map,it would seem that such the Internet a lot.However, it is not so simple as you think.The goal is to complete each level in under ten seconds.Can you pass all the levels?On the map 10.You will recognise it when I download it.And Yes,try to beat the record of the author.Let's move on to the screenshots.One of the popular 10 second Rush maps where both teams possess locks, which are separated by the river. The bridge is the only thread connecting the two warring camps. Each participant of the battle is given a set of armor, weapons, dynamite and other useful things. The goal is the destruction of valuable fabric (wool blocks), which is located deep in the enemy base. You can download a map for Minecraft 1.10.4 to do epic battle with your friends.



Map 10 second Rush for MinecraftUnusual concept with two buildings located literally next to, the search and destruction of the resources of the opposing side. Well-designed methods of protection will play a crucial role. PvP map for Minecraft Two lock guarantees an exciting adventure. Get ready to sweat in exciting battles with your friends. The card provides extraordinary opportunities for the protection and sudden attacks. Assemble your team and have fun! On the map two Minecraft Castle you can play as a couple, or a large company.


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