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Map 15 Levels of Parkour for Minecraft 1.9.Х

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About Map 15 Levels of Parkour

Map of 15 levels of Parkour will not let you get bored during the game. You get 15 different levels of progress through the levels, where you will be able to assess their abilities in parkour. You get 13 regular levels and 2 special, which will have little prestressing force.You will see a well designed map, which can to all players. But I'm not saying that it will be very easy. winkIn the game you should not encounter any defects or difficulties with the map, it is 100% finished and tested before launch.So quickly download it, start playing and advise it to their friends.



Good map - Parkour Levels, for lovers of parkour in the game minecraft. This map, made quite interesting, and its passage will cause you some difficulties. On this map, there is a high level system - which counts your points, and after their continued use for the benefit of themselves, and passing that card. Only on this map, there are several levels, of course are arranged in order of complexity and its sophistication, it is sure to please you



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