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Map Mr Parkour for Minecraft 1.9.Х

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The difference between this parkour maps from other small, but in General it changes the entire meaning of the card. So if you want to play a unique parkour map, with unusual levels then join a number of players this map. Each level has its own secrets that await you. So you will find a big surprise when passing cards.Mr. Parkour 2 Map is a unique parkour map that allows You to create your own levels...This gives great interest to the map, because you can design your own levels, obstacles and so on. Then share with your friends, and pass along. There are also different effects and bonuses, for example: increased movement speed and increased jump height.




On this map you will be playing a kind of God that needs to pass through six different parkour levels to protect the world. All the signs on the map in Spanish, so below I am have written a translation of the story on the Russian language. The plot: You — the person guarding the totems of all the dimensions of the world. One day someone stole all the totems. It soon became clear that each of the totems is in six different dimensions and your mission is to return all totems. You have to complete the parkour, and save the world!

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