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Map Parkour Paradise 2 for Minecraft 1.9+

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Paradise Caves Parkour  parkour map in the cave! Parkour your way through the cave of lakes, rivers and lakes of lava! This is an unusual parkour in this map You'll have plenty of opportunities to test yourself on the map. It will be possible to play with friends, the map has many interesting features, read about them below.Parkour Paradise 2 Map is a huge parkour map with 100 exciting levels. And fully compatible with multiplayer and full autonomy will give not a few pleasant evenings you and your friends. The size of one level is on average 15x15 units is enough to fully enjoy the game and to you she is not tired quickly.




The sequel is a very interesting map Parkour Paradise, where you were 100 different levels with the use of parkour and ingenuity. Now you need to get other, not less, and in some places, even better location.A parkour map which is a unique test with a variety of themed Islands. Multiplayer card is recommended to play together with friends. On the map there is a special timer that will show your performance time. Each new level will be harder, and the map good fun





Parkour Paradise 2 - another card specially for lovers of this direction. Ahead of you expect more than a hundred of the coolest and exciting levels. The map is compatible with the game with friends and in single player can also be available. The average size of level on the map is 15x15, which is enough to savour each level. Each new level - added complexity, the latter may not be enough skill to pass, and it may take more than one day.



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