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About Mod Animal Bikes

Animal Bikes  mod that allows you to summon animals and other creatures on which to ride and fly. Each of these "motorcycles" has its own characteristics and abilities. To create these animals need saddles, which you can find in dungeons chests or be created using a new recipe that introduces mod animal bikes.In order to ride being caused by click right mouse button, the hands should not be the subject of the appeal the same entity. To get off press the left Shift key on the ground.
You will have a few dozen mobs, each of which can be enjoyed. The main feature of mod Animal Bikes for Minecraft 1.8.8 that you will be able to fly on a dragon and spit fire. One of the most fun mods for Minecraft for all time.




Animal bikes adds the ability to ride any mob in the game. In order to ride on the animal or monster you need a special saddle, which can be found in the caves or create a recipe. For each mob you need is definitely the saddle, all the recipes can be found in the official wiki, which contains a full description of how to ride a mob, or watch the video. If you've ever wanted to fly a dragon or ride the creeper mod Animal bikes ideal for this.





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