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ArmorPlus mod for MInecraft which adds many new armor. Want more armor in the game minecraaft? Then You definitely need to download the ArmorPlus mod and then You will get several dozens of armor from different materials. Try all the armor and choose the best. Very good mod for players of the PVP game modes.Armor - the perfect outfit with which you will become one of the strongest heroes. A special set consisting of multiple items will be given in the form of armor, wearing which you will receive additional features to the armor. And this mod adds a whopping 5 new types of armor that can be crafted with vanilla resources. Each armor has its improvement in the form of increases to the characteristics, each with unique armor protection indicators and one improved(damage resistance, night vision, fire resistance, quickness, speed).



The ArmorPlus mod adds to the game from 6 types of vanilla armor material. Armor as the same gives not only protection but different effects.You can make armor out of :Blocks of red dust ,coal blocks,obsidian,emeralds,blocks of lapis lazuli and lava.ArmorPlus is a mod that adds new types of armor to your minecraft. Now the game will become much more interesting, more diverse and earlier than. New types of armor that will allow you to survive much longer in battle, and to very powerful attacks and deflect them. In General, a good mod to improve and update the range.Very simple but quite useful mod - ArmorPlus, which adds a rather extensive list of armor in minecraft. Now you can be under even more protection than before. Download this mod and rate the new armor types that will definitely make you happy its beautiful look, and good durability



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