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Mod New ore and tools for Minecraft 1.8 1.7.2

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About Mod New ore and tools

This mod Better Mining for minecraft adds to the game many new materials( resources and ore) which greatly diversify your gameplay . As you know mining resources in minecraft one of the most important values in the game for survival and a comfortable and interesting game.The modification adds new ores with which to make well-known tools such as pickaxe, shovel, axe, which have different characteristics and efficiency. Also, with these resources, we can make armor which has a beautiful color and durability that will successfully protect you from mobs and other threats. 



New ore to Minecraft:


  • The probability of ore
  • Mystical Ore
  • Happy Ore
  • Ruby ore
  • Sapphire ore

The probability of ore randomly drops any material that you can find processing of minerals (except lapis lazuli), but with a 10% chance that it will cause almost fatal blow, taking damage from it depends on how far you are from him.


Mystical Ore randomly drops rare or somewhat rare materials.


Happy Ore upgrade to vanilla ores. If you've seen my old mod, mod Lucky Ore, then you will know what it is. In principle, there is lucky coal ore, lucky iron ore, lucky gold ore, and lucky diamond ore, and when you find these lit up ores, they will drop a small random number of the material you will receive. So if you are happy to mine iron ore you get iron ingots.


Ruby Ore and Sapphire ore drop rubies and sapphires. They can be used to create the standard tools and armor.




If you're in a hole and don't have blocks to nerd pole, you can get your reliable hook and click right click with it in hand (when you are near a wall) to climb up!

Rocket launcher:

With flares in your panel, hot keys, you can launch a flare to signal the other players!

Miner helmet:

With a miner's helmet on his head, you will have infinite night vision to see in the dark, and production, without the need to place torches!


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