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About Mod Cannibalism

Mod Cannibalism for Minecraft, If you want to turn the minecraft world into real hardcore, you one hundred percent need to download this mod, as it adds to the game cannibalism! Now you can eat not only hostile mob, but also his friend, and even cut a piece of flesh from yourself! Yes, Yes, Yes, you heard right, all you need to do is click Shift+RMB (pre-kraftig knife for cannibalism) and you cut a piece of fresh flesh from himself. Flesh is in turn subdivided into two kinds: the flesh of the players and the flesh of mobs. The only difference between them is in the title. In practice, both the flesh will heal you for 2 hitpoints (uncooked) and 4 units of health (toasted). For frying use an ordinary oven. By the way of the knives in this knife abound, they are: stone, gold, wood, silicon and diamond. Each of them has its own unique characteristics. However, lastly I want to wish you a pleasant viewing and more hardcore in minecraft!




It should be noted that this mod is not quite normal. It refers to the global supplements. In the game world will be added to several types of meat. Will also appear a new weapon that the player can use at any time.It will help in defense against attack, and on the hunt, in battle and so on. In short, a very useful feature that can help out in some unusual situations, which, as usual, very difficult to handle alone.

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