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Mod ChocoCraft 3 for Minecraft 1.12.2

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About Mod ChocoCraft 3

ChocoCraft  в - this mod adds new mount animals to the game, namely Chocobo. If anyone knows, a chocobo is like a cross between an ostrich and a chicken - big birds. They were in almost every Final Fantasy game and will now appear in Minecraft. Find Chocobo you can randomly in the world or zaspavnit to tame them you will need to find a vegetable similar to beets, which will also grow in random places. In general, the ChocoCraft mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 is certainly interesting, because the new mounts have better characteristics than horses.


  • Yellow: Normal Chocobo without special abilities.
  • Green: ability to climb high ground
  • Blue: fast on the water
  • White: ability to fly
  • Black: night vision when you are riding
  • Golden: flying at a height of 10 blocks
  • Pink: Super Jump
  • Red: very fast
  • Purple: immune to fire and lava


Chocobo will appear in the game world of minecraft - a fictional, large sledding bird from the Final Fantasy universe, resembling something between a chicken and an ostrich. You will be able to ride these birds, to increase the population, and also to get eggs that you can use as a razvideniya or for food. You can also download the mod for minecraft on many other interesting mods are waiting for you on this site,  ChocoCraft adds to Final Fantasy's Chocobo game. Chocobo can be found in the wild, and it can be harvested by using the “Gysahl Greens”. What can prosper. Chikobo's child will be the unstable form of Chocob, source of Chicago will be wild and must be accredited, he will be of the type from one of his parents or moths. By this means, by multiplication, all common types of Chocobos can be obtained from wild animals.


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