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About Mod Cames Alive

To your attention a great mod Comes Alive for Minecraft which will make the game more interesting and realistic. Now instead of green residents in the villages there will be ordinary people with unique skins and appearance to perform different tasks as it was earlier but now it's all very nice and realistic. Mod, his idea is very similar to the sims game for minecraft where you can build your own house, chat with the locals, to share, flirt, give gifts, to give work and other tasks, to tell stories, kiss, and shake hands. As you know very large set of actions which can not but rejoice. From your actions will depend on the mood and the attitude of the character.




The most important and interesting in this mod that you can marry and have children who will be your direct heir in the event that you create the crown of the monarch and will be the chief of the village. If you are in a great relationship with someone of the locals, you give him the ring and with a great attitude to you you can marry a girl or guy and live together building a family and bearing children.After your partner has given you the wedding ring will be available to new functions, namely to have children. After we will be able to name our son or daughter and live together and prosper in the game.



Reasonable people will be a great innovation. Installing a mod on Minecraft family 1.12.2 1.8/1.7.10/1.7.2/1.6.4 Comes Alive in the villages will have real live residents. New mobs look diverse, minding my own business, have their own name and character. They can chat and develop a relationship that is really a terrific thing. The modification supports Russian language, which makes it just excellent. 




Mod features:

►Contains more than 2000 unique conversations.

►Has more than 250 different skins of the inhabitants.

►You can add your own skins 

►And much more about what was said above and suggest you to watch the video review sims fashion.


Video Review Mod Cames Alive

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