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About Mod CraftingCraft

What is CraftGuide? CraftGuide: quick access list of all the recipes in the game! Initially, the mod was conceived as a more convenient version of the mod Risugami''s RecipeBook, preserving its practicality, but saving the player the trouble of working with huge number of pages. But of course, since RecipeBook has become much more efficient.



To create your own collection of recipes, place the workbench in the Central cell of the window Kraft paper in every corner and books on the edges. The collection opens with a hot-key (default "G") without the need to hold in the hand and works servers where the mod is not installed (note: there is currently no version of the mod for the server).To useful features of fashion are little recipes and a separate background for the recipes that don't require a strict arrangement of ingredients. In addition, you can click any item in the recipe to use it as a filter. To disable the filter, click "Clear".




In addition, you will see a list of filters, in which all possible ingredients.Just click on any of the items list and the screen will display only those recipes in which the subject participates.To navigate the list, you can use the scroll bar.The up/down buttons: allow you to scroll through 1 or 10 pages at once.Hot keys: up/down arrows scroll one line, left/right and Page up/Page down – and Home/End keys to navigate to the beginning/end of the list.Mouse wheel: you can set the number of scrollable pages at a time.Shift: holding shift, you will be able to scroll 10 times more pages!At the end of the list you'll find recipes for oven! Unfortunately, none of them are recipes for the original furnaces, added by other mod.Items in the upper right corner of which stands the symbol " * " can be used in any form (for example, any coat color or type of wood). The items with the sign "F" in the upper left corner are the materials of the Forge Ore Dictionary, that is, the same materials, but existing in different modes under different ID.


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