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About Mod Damage Indicators

The mod is called Damage Indicators adds to the Minecraft life indicator mobs. Now you can see the damage from the mob and the number of lives, this is only to bring on a game cursor. With this option, you will always know the power of his opponent. At the default settings the indicator is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. Its location, color and design can be changed in the settings. Each time you damage a mob you will see the numbers flying off him, they talk about the amount of health missing. The modification made in the spirit of RPG games, as they often used the scale of the lives of the characters.



Minecraft damage indicator is a mod for minecraft which adds in the top corner of your screen an indicator of damage. Now, if you hover the sight on the target in the upper left corner will display the health of the mob. Also, if you attack a mob, you will be able to see how much damage you have caused. Damage Indicator mod adds a damage indicator, which are made in very pleasant and convenient RPG style. The damage indicator becomes active only when attacking other mobs or animals, or when you focus the finger at other characters without hitting them.When you will fight hostile mobs the damage indicator will show the name of the mob you are fighting, as well as his current health level.I note that the mod is being developed by some functions in fashion yet. For example in the future on the damage indicator in addition to the name of the character will appear his face.<br />How it works?To see the health indicator to adjust the focus on the mob, or animal. To do this, simply press your finger on the screen and point to the desired object - then you will appear on the screen the indicator for the desired character.




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