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Mod Elemental Items for Minecraft 1.12.2 1.8.9 1.8

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About Mod Elemental Items

Elemental Items mod for Minecraft much will improve and replenish your stock of weapons, armor, tools and blocks. With this mod you will have great opportunities, and you will much easier be able to resist the enemy. Each weapon will be made of different materials and will have their abilities. To have a weapon of fire, ice, types, air and many others. Can also see Test Dummy mod.


Elemental Items this mod adds to the game armor, weapons, tools, blocks and items, each based on a specific element with its own unique properties. A set of armor will give you special abilities that will help you with certain situation in byus with mobs. Weapons and tools will be created with useful charms to help in survival. To learn more about the effects you can learn to view fashion.



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