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Mod 3D weapons for Minecraft 1.9

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About Mod 3D weapons


1. First you need to get a command block by typing in the console /give @p minecraft:command_block.

2.To register the commands in it ( which may be downloaded above) and you'll get new guns.


To your attention one of the first mods for Minecraft 1.9 which you can download and install now. This is a modification that will allow you to feel how cool can be a fashion in the new game version 1.9, where we got new features and the opportunity and moved a fashion. This mod adds 4 new guns which you have not previously seen and their capabilities will surprise you, and each of which has special. the power and possibility. All you need to do is to create(get) a command block and put in it the command(you can also download it here) and you get 4 guns, namely:


► Fire skiptr ( which burns, all of what you point it at, it is able to operate at long distances and fire to any types of materials.)
►Hammer of Thor (can move blocks, has a very strong impact and a powerful blow)
►TNT rod ( if you use releases large amount of TNT bombs in the air and after a fall to the ground and burst, has a very large kill zone)
►The power of Zeus (a weapon that releases all the anger of the sky in the desired location, after use begins to beat lightning and destroying any buildings and units that are located in this place, also has a large radius of destruction.)


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