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Hello friends! Evil Craft mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 - Quite a global mod that adds a lot of elements of dark culture, dark, explosive, dark tools, blocks, machinery, ore, generation structure of the world and many similar delights.And quite strange, for example: now you will cook a variety of potions in the blood. By the way, to create any items from this mod will need a stove, workbenches, digester, from the same fashion.




In General, in fashion sooo many interesting buns, the mechanism for the weather changes, now the animals will allocate their feces, the dynamite explodes with lightning, you can fly on a broom, civilian mobs appeared werewolves, you can be bitten by a poisonous dragonflies, and also you can fart if you so vital to his self-satisfaction.EvilCraft mod this modification for the real villains. The modification adds to the game all sorts of paraphernalia of evil: new biomes, ores, items, vehicles such as a broom, a different enchantment. One of the key ingredients is the blood that is used for almost everything, with it you can control the weather, to hunt werewolves, create objects, etc. to find out more about fashion EvilCraft view the video. This mod diversifies the gameplay and make the passage interesting and exciting.


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