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Mod Fairy lights for Minecraft 1.12.2 1.8.8 1.7.10 1.7.2

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About Mod Fairy lights

To your attention one of the main fairy lights s cheer under the name of Christmas lights with which you can decorate your entire house, make a Christmas tree and decorate the rooms inside that will give the most festive mood all who download this Christmas modification. In it we have 9 kinds of colored lights which will be nice flickering and give a festive mood. Also we have available other Christmas toys and decorations which give the opportunity to finish the completeness of the picture. Performs the function as the lighting and scenery.



In order to craft a garland, you first need wbrt color lights kotori this veranda. The light has come in six standard variants.There are also 4 creepy lights, spider , Ghost, lantern witch skull snowflake , icicle and the lamp meteor.Fairy lights are made of a horizontal combination of iron ingot, string or stick, iron ingot, along with any combination of lights to specify a template (top-down, left-right).





Here easy recipes Kraft and some example fairy lights recipes. Red dye in easy recipes.





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