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About Mod new Stairs

You have high house or tree house? Tired of the long climb up the stairs and then go down? Then help you mod FastLadder! It will suit you if you have version 1.9! FastLadder - cool mod, it will help you quickly climb the stairs up or down. This mod added several new types of ladders. Namely iron, gold and diamond ladder mod added to minecraft! They look very cool! You should like this. If you build the diamond stairs the movement speed will be increased by 2.5 times. I agree it is very fast! And thus you will be able to save time and show off to their friends showing what you have steep stairs! As for me the mod is very enjoyable and not stressful. Because small and immediately adds a lot of unnecessary things, but only useful stairs! Download and enjoy, good luck.



A small but useful modification for fans to create new projects in Minecraft. FastLadder mod enter Minecraft 3 new types of stairs, in appearance, they certainly do not differ from conventional stairs, but climb them you will be much faster and faster. This is the all the advantage of these ladders quickly to ascend or descend. The movement speed of your character on those ladders will be much higher. Mod with one specific purpose - to accelerate the upgrade of the character on the ladder, and they are of different types. The latest in speed will increase your movement speed through it 2.5 times. Yes, and they look nice, the edges with different colors.



Одна из лучших вещей данной модификации новые быстрые в постройке лестницы заключается в том, что он не имеет никаких видов проблем с совместимостью текстур паки так ли вы используете ванильный minecraft или иметь другой пакет установлен, вы по-прежнему сможете наслаждаться модом, как это задумывалось. Стоит вспомнить хотя бы то, что FastLadder мод требует наличия ModUtilsLib установлен заранее, чтобы в его функционировать так долго, как вы этого установлен, вам не нужно беспокоиться ни о чем другом.



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