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About Flans Mod

Flans mod is a very interesting and huge mod for minecraft which adds a bunch of new unique features to the game. In addition to the beloved weapons, flans able to add planes in minecraft, and also other equipment which will make themselves felt. Modification can create an atmosphere of war or even some kind of intergalactic battle of the robots or the space ships.Flan's Mod is a combination of mods WW2Guns Planes and, completely rewritten, with a huge number of features to help you create your add-on (content again). Himself mod Flan's Mod is useless, it requires Content packs with items. 



With this modification you can add to the game planes, cars, tanks, guns, grenades and more. You can enjoy peaceful flight in the sky or travelling in their worlds, with special packs of weapons and destroy everything that you meet on the way. Each add-on pack for Flan's Mod running on the server, through which you can play various game modes, capture the flag, Deathmatch and team Deathmatch with a bunch of gear, weapons and various equipment.Modification will allow you to move not only the simple combat aircraft during the 2nd world war, but on a huge passenger liner with a beautiful interior that fits a few people. In this ways, the movement is not over.




You will be able to drive in real racing cars with a maximum speed! Feel rich in minecraft, you can drive a Porsche or a Lamborghini Gallardo.In addition, you will be able to drive heavy tanks, which provide powerful anti-tank guns and strong armor.Weapons for minecraft in this Supplement more than enough! In total probably more than 100. Not without AK47, M16A4, and a variety of sniper rifles with optical sights. If you don't like those weak things, I can say that the RPG, grenades, and Minigun you will like it. These weapons can break the world apart!



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