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Mod Flight Simulator for Minecraft 1.8.9 1.10.2 1.9

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About Mod Flight Simulator

Hi all. Thinking today about what to write I came across one mod that, in my opinion, very interesting and it's called Minecraft Flight Simulator. The modification adds to the game the real planes on which to fly.Mod Minecraft Flight Simulator allows you to do full simulator the game Minecraft well of course as possible. You will be able to build your own plane, its modernization and, accordingly, to fly on it.





Opening the creative menu, you will see a new tab in which six types of aircraft. Below is a huge assortment of seats and other needed parts including chassis, engines and so on. In principle, this is everything you need to assemble your plane...So, begin the build process. To craft the base of the plane you don't need a lot of parts. We need a couple of boards and some wooden blocks. It is worth considering to take off and fly on a plane you will need to find Superboy surface, it is possible to create extremely smooth the world or to build the runway ourselves. Once you scratchily the frame of the aircraft put it into the desired position do not be alarmed when he is a little falls to the ground, due to the fact that it has no wheels.



Proceed to the crafting wheels. For this you will need 6 wool, one iron ingot and two of the ink bag is small wheels. Big wheels crafted in another recipe, but what they do I did not understand. In any slot they fit. Opens a menu plane gain Shift and the right mouse button and then put the chassis in a special slot. Made almost half the battle, it remains only to make the engine, propeller and seat.


Mod presents you a huge choice and placed the seat in the plane as well as wheels. In order to catch the plane to move you need to make the engine. Select from four types of engine – two small and two large. The engines have different characteristics, for example, has little speed 2800 RPM, and a large 3000 RPM. They also differ in the amount of fuel consumed.Finally, the third important part is the propeller. Mod allows you to craft three types – wooden, of iron and obsidian, but according to the characteristics they kind of like no different.






Well dressed plane with buckets of lava. Tank capacity is five buckets. To move a bucket of lava in the tank need to hold down Shift and click on the bucket with the right mouse button.Well, in the end the most fun. Let me tell you how to fly a plane, but I immediately notice that the control is not of the easiest. So, get on a plane by clicking with the right button of the mouse on the plane. The first thing you will see is a very unusual interface. To make the plane hold the English letter N. Then you need to learn to fly a plane. To increase the engine speed, press the [I] lower key K. to turn to the left and right tedious keys J and L. the Brake is assigned to Shift + B to release the brake just press B. To fly up and sit down accordingly need to control the flaps by pressing Y, and H. Well, to take off and land, and control aircraft in the air use WSAD.

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Download for Minecraft 1.8.9


Download for Minecraft 1.10.2


Download for Minecraft 1.9

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