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About Mod Horizontal Glass

Good day for those who are looking for a decorative mod, I can offer this modification! I hope it will be to your liking! Look for that mod and get acquainted with him.Horizontal Glass Panes - This mod allows you to craft horizontal glass in minecraft latest version! It is very convenient, because before glass could only be placed as a block, that is, panoramic. For example as you have in the window. Now you can make a glass roof or floor. Will look even more epic. Horizontal glass can be made colorful and this will give your building an even better view! These glass plates will be much better fit to your interior! Here are the screenshots comparison of full size glass blocks compared to horizontal panes.



More information about how to use the mod and clearly what it looks like please see the video below. I hope that this decorative fashion you like :) Horizontal Glass Panes is a quite simple but very useful mod for those who like to build. It adds a horizontal glass pane in Minecraft. Now you will be able to make not only glass wall and baffle, but also the glass roof ceiling, the orangery, greenhouse, etc. buildings.



How to make a horizontal glass panel, very simple. Put in a row of three conventional panel and you'll get three, but horizontal.New glass panels will add Horizontal Glass Panes mod - now you can decorate your home with beautiful glass panels. A special kind of glass that your building will give rain, as if to make the roof of these panels and look at the top, you can see how the rain drips. In some cases, this point may comfort and soothe you.


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