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About Mod Just Few Fish

Mod Just a Few Fish for Minecraft is a new revision of the game in two categories of marine flora and fauna and of course new food and provisions. After installing this mod, we will get 5 new species which will inhabit the rivers, seas and lakes. Each has unique and beautiful appearance, the ability to get in packs and cool animation. Except that we can fish the standard fishing rod, the author worked hard and has created 5 types of rods, similarly as with other tools we have Wooden, iron, Golden and diamond rod is respectively in a different strength and a chance to catch the fish. Interesting fact that after you catch a fish, she will jump on the ground and you will need to kill her to continue to cook. Like the fans of the cards on the embroidery, or those who live on the ships and around the water, now to get food (fish) will be a treat for all the fans of fishing like it ! And most interesting is we can now craft aquarium, bathroom and various glass vessels previously running there fish and bred for beauty or for continued survival, would be very nice installing a fish tank at home and it will give comfort and coziness.





How to craft fishing rod:





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