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Mod Last Days for Minecraft 1.7.10 1.8

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The last days of this dark resource pack in a post-apocalyptic style with texture resolution 32x32, from Doc makers (the author of the popular RPG packs). Pak to be still in development, but not all textures are redrawn. Pak than it resembles the style of the popular series of games Falluot and you will be able to recreate a similar world.Last Days Mod adds to the game weapons and netusil post-apocalyptic atmosphere, you will have to look for food, weapons and other necessary things for survival in this crazy world that is very similar to the game DayZ.



The Last Days mod for Minecraft made based on recently introduced game DayZ. This mod makes the Minecraft world look like the world after a zombie Apocalypse.Thousands of dead people roam around the world and looking for stray players to eat them. But living participants in these events, players will not remain deprived.The Arsenal added a lot of weapons to quickly deal with the approaching Horde of the undead. For fans of the theme of a zombie Apocalypse should definitely download a mod on Minecraft Last Days


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