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Mod Lucky Block for Minecraft 1.12.2 1.7.10 1.8

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About Mod Lucky Block

Lucky Blocks mod adds to Minecraft a new type of ore, it come across much less frequently than usual. New ore will be different from the regular ore that it will glow in the dark, in addition to this unusual ore it will be possible to find a lot of useful resources. For example, from a single block of such ore falls to 10 units of ore, so you will be able to get more resources.



Try your luck in the lottery block - Lucky Block. The team will add the game happy block, with which you will be able to get one random thing of any kind(weapons, resources, ore, etc.). In some cases, luck turns against you and you are presented with mobs, monsters, or even need items. Lucky block adds just one block, with it, you can try your luck. Simply put the unit on the ground and break it, in its place with a certain chance can appear a variety of resources, mobs, traps, etc. Also you will be able to increase or decrease the drop rate of valuable items and resources from the lucky block. Some may find this mod cheat, but it is not, block out a lot of valuable resources and not always it pays off. Lucky block has gained immense popularity, it has been downloaded by millions of players around the world and it's all thanks to the irresistible excitement.





Lucky block that adds the block good luck or bad luck you can say ! Actually, this opening the unit, like a Kinder Surprise, you get a random item or event previously prescriptionnon the author of the mod. Monster Huge cage with lava and another attack

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