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About Mod Minions

To your attention a mod that was created out of the beloved cartoon Minions that be the little yellow creatures who follow their master and want to eat bananas. Now in minecraft you can feel the owner and just make more interesting and colorful atmosphere in the game. The game is available 4 types of minions , each of which can perform peredannoe task. They also have their abilities and the possibility that there is not a simple decoration and ocresol your server but they will be able to perform various tasks. Now let's look at what they can do in the game and what commands you can use.



► Walking around you.

► To go to the right place

► Hewing trees 

► To defend you from other players and animals

► To bring you items

► Drip pits and mines 

► To collect the ore in the mines 




Here are the good helpers who will support you everywhere, every way to help and defend in the game, but when you consider that this all your favorite characters from the movie Minions this modification becomes simply irreplaceable and very interesting for all fans. To control them you need to know the right buttons and commands in order to fully use their potential in the game, what now discuss. Most teams with management minions running the M button (on the eng. language) LMB and RMB ( left and right mouse button) + action.

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