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Would you like to shave the animals to get the materials without killing them? Then this modification is suitable for you. And it will be more useful than an ordinary murder fashion, now you can create your own farm where you cut the mobs where before it was impossible to cut. More Shearables - add gold najnizi who will be able to cut off the skin from mobs without killing them in the process! Very cool feature for the game minecraft. This way you can get leather from pigs, cows and chicken. Such a procedure will fall from 1 to 3 units of the skin. I like this method, now you can get the skin, to create her armor and all this without killing mobs. 


How to mow a mob in minecraft? 

To do this, create a scissors according to the recipe below, come to mob and click the right mouse button. It's all finished.



More Shearables mod for minecraft 1.9 1.12.2 adds to the game Minecraft new tool (Golden scissors), allowing to cut the chickens, cows and even pigs. After a while the animals will restore your skin and can be cut.Pretty original mod - More Shearables thanks to it you can cut almost all the Pets, and after receiving a drop. For example, cows will fall skin from chicken feathers, you can craft a new armor in the form of the animal - be sure to rate quite a fun mod



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