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About Mod Damage Indicators

Damage Indicators mod — this modification adds in Minecraft a very useful feature using which you'll be able to find out the amount of life (HP [HealthPoint]). Damage Indicators adds a health bar, which will display the icon of the mob that you attack with the current number of lives, which appears in the form of a strip of fullness.How does it work? After you have imported the mod, enter the world (you can also use the old MCPE worlds that were created before installing this modification). Next, to activate the "Indicator of Damage" — [Damage Indicator], go to any monster or animal and then hit it. 



Once you hit mob or animal is activated "Indicator of Damage". There is another version of the mod that adds the same function — Damage Indicator, but it does not use icons to display the current mob or animal. But in this version of the mod indicator appears when you hover your finger over the mob. We prefer to use it.If you want bol advanced version of the mod, the mod Damage Indicators is what you need. When you get to attack mobs and animals will be displayed — "Indicator of Damage" which will be the icon of the mob that you attack.





Interface in this fashion for minecraft:

  • Health bar
  • Health value
  • Hunger bar
  • Hunger value
  • XP bar
  • XP value
  • the breath-bar
  • breath value
  • horse jump bar
  • horse health
  • the player looked at widge
  • will notify You if an update is available
  • settings GUI
  • visible effects of the condition
  • the hint item
  • the hunger preview
  • game time display 
  • more details


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