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Mod Paintball for Minecraft 1.7.10 1.8

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About Mod Paintball

PaintBall Mod adds to the game of paintball rifles, grenade launchers, pistols, grenades, armor, first aid kits, flags, and other necessary equipment for paintball. With this mod you can have fun with your friends, divided into several teams you can play in capture the flag or just at the destruction of the enemy team. In order to create ammunition for other colors just replace the red wool on wool of a different color.




I am sure that each of us once wanted or even played Paintball. Because it's cool and very interesting, plus all the guys love to shoot and play voynushki :) It is for these people and is dedicated to this mod which is called Paintball.In this news you can download Paintball mod for minecraft. It adds in your game the ability to play peytbol, adding all the necessary. This mod will add in minecraft small time paintball guns in the form of rifles and pistols, special small time paintball armor, paintballs and a few other things that will help create a base for the team.




This is a very famous and interesting mod for minecraft. It pleases the players of the earliest versions of minecraft. As you can see in peytbol yourself it is impossible to play so mod be minecraft server. Just download the mod, install the game, get your friends together and then divided into two teams wearing suits of different colors. Then build databases that will need to protect and capture. And have fun! This is a very cool mod it minecraft will get a new meaning.


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