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Mod Paintbrush for Minecraft 1.7.10 1.8.9

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About Mod Paintbrush

Many visionaries and designers really like this mod - it will allow you to draw on the blocks! There will be two tools: a brush and paint scraper. The choice of colors is quite small, only 12 options. In order to start drawing with the block, select the brush and right-click on the block, respectively. Size changes with the holding the Shift key and scroll wheel. For those who want to erase your doodles there is a special scraper, which was mentioned earlier.




Installing Magic Paintbrush mod for Minecraft , you can get an item that allows you to change the unit one resource (e.g., iron ore) on the same block with any other (be it diamond, gold or quartz). Also with this mod you can change the color of any objects and surfaces. First you have to locate the unit in the required colour and to conduct operations to preserve the memory colour of the brush. Now you can paint in the color of any object.



Fan the tools with which you will be able to slightly lift the spirits in the universe of Minecraft, PaintBrush mod adds to the game several new tools to draw over the blocks. Now if you get bored of the standard survival mode, you will be able to draw the Minecraft world. Even have the ability to change the brush size, hold "Shift" key and spin the mouse wheel. Select the desired brush size and show the whole world around you your talent of drawing. How to draw in blocks on Minecraft, Paint for Minecraft.


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