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Mod Palaria for Minecraft 1.8.9

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About Mod Palaria

Hi! You want to download a mod that adds many new games? Then you like to Palaria. It contains a lot of navedeni. Only one mod installs and adds to the game as much as you could add as many as three or even five mods! So by installing it you will save time and game performance. 

Palaria - mod new ores, tools, mobs, biomes, weapons and much more in Minecraft! It's a pretty old mod that was not updated since version 1.5.2, but the author again went to work on him and update came out for minecraft 1.8.9. So your favorite and a great mod is in the same cool appearance. It's pretty big, adds a lot of recipes to create things, objects, weapons, armor, and tools from the new ore. Ore will be too much. Also you will find beautiful biomes. And the new mobs is great, they are just epic. Meet with the mod with the help of his photos below.


Palaria mod adds in Minecraft a bunch of crafting recipes with which you will be able to create different things, tools, weapons, and more. All of this can be crafted from new types of ores. In addition, you can enjoy the new mobs. Palaria this adds a new ore, tools, weapons, biomes, mobs and a lot others. It will greatly expand the game world, will add interest in the study of new areas. If you want to create new items, you just need to search for new resources. The mod have not been updated, the latest version, but after a few, he came out for minecraft 1.8.9.



Unique modification Palaria - adds Minecraft universe new animals, new ore, tools, weapons, armor sets, mobs and biomes. Of course adding a list of all the innovations of fashion is vast, so I'll give a couple of examples. New ore will have a slightly different view from the standard ore, but what can be crafted with this ore tools. The game will be 3 new biome: blood of the forest, sky forest and other biomes. Weapons and tools have different inherent characteristics and in appearance they look better than many weapons and tools.

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