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Mod Player Rugs for Minecraft 1.7.10 1.8.8 1.8.9

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About Mod Player Rugs


Player Rugs unusual cosmetic mod that adds to Minecraft create a carpet of the slain player. The dimensions of the resulting Mat 3-by-3 block and crafted it is quite simple. The decoration on the floor can be nice fit your home décor. The modification is suitable only for playing on the server. Player Rugs is a cool decorative mod for minecraft 1.9 and 1.7.10 that adds the carpets of the players in the game of minecraft. Now you can boast to lay in your home is the carpet from the skin of the player you killed. So you will prove to others that triumphed over the enemy. And all the carpets look very cool. I suggest you install this mod and create the trophy hall where you will put the rugs of players managed to kill! Look at the screenshots how it looks.



Mod Player Rugs will demonstrate how original and incredible can be Minecraft 1.9. Here You will be able to create a real lure stuffed with real players. They can be placed right next to the house, creating the appearance that You are in the reachable radius for enemies. They themselves will be is somewhere close by and watch those who want to encroach on someone else's good. When the opponent will realize that it is a fake, You're in full gear attack him and take away all its available items. Yes, it's sneaky, but nobody forbade such methods. 


This mod adds carpets of the players you might ask why but the answer is simple for scenery and there are lots of plugins for this theme and you can install them on your server and when you hit the head you can make carpet out of your head and then you can brag or decorate these their home, in General the mod is cool and I liked it but there are the usual craft of rug that is carpet in the form of Steve.


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