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About RC mod

The RC mod RC toys for Minecraft 1.7.10 1.12.2 1.14.4 will allow you fun and unusual to spend your game time. Because now, after having carried out the installation of this Supplement, you will be able to create RC toys, and remote controls for them.You'll see several types of toys will be planes, drones, helicopters, boats, cars and so on. Now you can fly around the surroundings of their possessions on a toy helicopter or to travel through its territory for radio-controlled cars. It's very funny.


C Mod – mod for Minecraft adds to the game cars on the radio. You will see many vehicles with which you can control with the remote. And all this together with an advanced flight dynamics and ground physics. The RC Mod outperforms any of the currently available mods. First-time players of Minecraft will be able to fully experience the "6 degrees of freedom", while enjoying realistic and exciting game mechanics.Adds to the game minecraft radio-controlled model vehicles, a total of 8 pieces. Each model is extremely detailed and has realistic physics. The list of available RC models can be viewed below.

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