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Mod Realistic Torches for Minecraft 1.12.2 1.7.10 1.10 1.8.9

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About Mod Realistic Torches

Realistic torches, this mod will make realistic torches now, they will not burn forever and they will need to re-ignite. You will see two torches: the first  is lit, the second  extinct. If you took the first option, then just put standard torches and with time when you go out with a lighter re-ignited. And if the second, then after installation they still need to be set on fire.


Thanks to fashion - Realistic Torches, now torches will be burning time, Yes it is true ! Probably many of you dreamed of fire torch the tinder, and then to the light. Now by default, the burning time of the torch 1 real hour, you can also make an eternal torch with a glowing dust.



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