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About Mod skateboard

Hello player and fan of minecraft. Today I have the opportunity to please you, and offer download epic mod which add an unusual form of transport, sports equipment. This mod will appeal to those players who have to skate and love skatboard or just always wanted it to go.As the name implies Skateboard Mod will add in minecraft skateboard! Crafted this miracle can be very quickly and easily. After creating it you will be able to skate on it doing various stunts, jump and slide on the blocks. That is, with this modification you will be able to feel and become a real skateboarder, though not in real life but in the gaming world, the minecraft. Use of this mod is not much fun but you'll get enough when you ride that skateboard. Just want to highlight that the author has tried to create the appearance of the skateboard, he drew details and made it beautiful to look at. How it looks you can see on the pictures.




Long-awaited for many players mod to skateboard for minecraft appeared thanks to the efforts of developed by MrCrayfish. The modification adds a real Board on wheels, with the ability to drive it, to do tricks and slide on rails. On this page you can download skateboard mod for Minecraft 1.8 and 1.8.1. MrCrayfish's skateboarding mod is in the process of development - there may be minor errors. Installation will require the presence of 1.8 forge and render player API. 



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