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Tails mod for Minecraft adds a whole bunch of different tails including subspecies, each of which you can repaint to your favorite color!Each of the tails can be changed. They can have 3 different tint, you have a choice of over 16.7 million different colors! Certain tails have their own subspecies, which are similar to their "main" tails, but slightly different, for example, texture, that you can do unique.You can access the in-game editor by opening the inventory and clicking on the Editor button Tails down the middle. Most of the buttons are fashion tips that will help players to deal with innovations.




Tails is very cool decorative mod for minecraft! It will add to your game TAILS. You can wear them on your character. This can be for example the tail chanterelles, it is suitable for girls. There are many other tails. You can even choose their color or fully painted. Mod tune easily and conveniently. Tails is a very original mod which you like. With it, you will stand out in the game and you will not look like everyone else. And if you have the skin of the animal, such as foxes then this mod will make it even more realistic! Details see in the screenshots and videos.




Found another rather interesting mod, but for me it simply just turned out to be useless, the purpose of this mod just to add variety to your game server, that's all. Okay, now let's talk about the fashion, so each microptera have the ability to make your skin more varied, that is to add a Fox tail hehe. The mod has a handy editor for editing your theme and adding this tail. Oh yeah, of course mincraft experienced and you will find a lot about this mod, but still) good Luck.


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