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About Mod The Lost Cities

In Minecraft, standard worlds are quickly limited in terms of variety. In addition to the plains, mountains and swamps, little can be updated. And it’s unlikely that you can find a small village or a temple there ... If you want something else, you will have to create it yourself, and if you don’t have artistic talent and you cannot do what you imagine is wrong it can quickly become complicated, even painful. Then, if this is your case, The Lost Cities mod may interest you.

Indeed, this mod will allow you to create a completely new type of world, which you can choose from the creation menu. This is a world completely covered in a ruined ghost town. This is an easily modifiable and modular mod. You can create non-standard buildings, create a special look of the city, .... It may seem difficult to master at first, but don’t worry, you can find all the necessary information here.

You can also combine The Lost Cities with another mod that will allow you to increase the complexity of your games: Lost Souls

This is indeed a very diverse mod, both in terms of typography and in terms of the diversity of buildings. Contrary to what you first imagine with a mod of such volume and complexity, you will not have the impression that you quickly looked at buildings, streets and bridges, on the contrary! It is as if what you have was specifically designed by a person directly.

Finally, The Lost Cities is a mod that you can use on your servers if you want. If ever it was what you wanted, I would advise you to go to the page of the original mod, on which you will find all the useful information that you need!

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