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About Mod The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead mod for Minecraft is a masterpiece from the developers, why? because it's an exact copy of whole terrain, an exact copy of all the nuances of the area you saw in this Walking Dead TV series. If you bother to look down at the screenshots, there you will see the comparison screenshots with the game and the series, you will see they are almost identical.I bow to the developers, because they really showed the class how to work. A map of the Walking dead now come in different seasons 2,3,4. I forgot to say what you need to survive!




The Walking Dead is a mod for Minecraft which is based on the same series, the Walking dead. In it you will see familiar, fans of this creation, places and locations, and this farm of Hershel, the prison, the Governor's town of Woodbury and many others. Prepare to confront hordes of zombies that may await you at every corner of the map Walling Dead.Good day, dear reader! In this article I, copywriter DCV, will tell you of the modification of "Walking Dead Mod".The mod is small enough and essentially only introduces 2 new elements to the game. He adds a new type of zombie called walker. They are quite similar to the regular zombie from Minecraft, the murder of them drops a rotten flesh, and the style of drawing is reminiscent of the usual zombies.



They have three significant differences from the usual zombies, namely: they have different textures, they will attack as a player, and peaceful mobs, such as chickens and pigs, and they have a great advantage - they can exist in both day and night, sunlight does not harm them.Mod does not inspire special horror, but still recommended to fans of horror. A little scary permanent spawn a new zombie in both day and night, and at times their numbers can get out of the focus of the player and cause significant damage. The mod may seem a bit scary or Vice versa, fun for multiplayer, as zombies are not particularly able to resist literally less than a hundred players.The mod is simple enough to use. Just ustaivayte it by following the instructions, go into your world, good shells and enjoy the new and improved attack zombies. Nothing more you do, the mod doesn't have any of their crafts and he will spawned zombies without a player, you only can disable different spawn hostile mobs in the config of the mod which is in .minecraft config WalkingDeadMod.cfg.

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